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Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Washington Monument Gets A 165th Birthday Facelift!

If you have visited Washington DC in the last several months, you've no doubt noticed the Washington Monument slowly being transformed into something resembling the old Erector sets from years ago. 

The monument was damaged in an August 2011 earthquake and has been closed and awaiting repairs since then.  Several months ago, scaffolding began to slowly creep up the sides until finally capped off at the top.  Now, repairs are underway with tours expected to resume next spring.    
16th St. facing South toward the White House with the Washington Monument in the background.
First Division Monument watches the construction.
The monument is 169 meters tall and had it's first stone placed July 4, 1848. It was completed  in 1884. 
Exact opposite direction from the previous White house shot, facing North from the base of the Monument.
What looks like duct tape from far away appears to actually be some sort of netting at the scaffolding joints.

Here's a news article telling more about the repairs including the staggering cost (of which you and I only have to pay half, so there's that.....)

I don't think I want to climb the ladder the workmen have to go up each day!
Trying out one of the lenses on the Hipstamatic app on the i-phone.

The Morsi Fan Club Meets At The White House, NOT...............

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know there have been some issues in the Middle East over the last several years.  The current hotspot seems to be shifting from Syria, back to Egypt where it was a year or so ago.  I'm not here to comment one way or another on the politics of the issue, I think it's awesome that people in this country are allowed to stand outside the Presidents House and protest for or against whatever they passionately believe in.  I've seen several protests there over the last few years, including one in which both sides of the Syrian issue squared off across Pennsylvania Ave., while Park Police stood in between. 

In this instance, it was Anti-Morsi protesters espousing their views.  Following are several shots of the peaceful demonstration which looked a lot like the one I watched on the news last night, but in that instance it was taking place in Egypt, and wasn't so peaceful.  I'll just let the pictures speak from here on out........

I've said it before, no matter what your beliefs, at least in the USA, you are allowed to talk about them, hopefully in a respectful manner- and hopefully those around you will respond with the same respect while listening to you. 

There's More to DC than..........

I wanted to get some shots of areas of DC I haven't really covered a lot.  There are a couple of the regular touristy areas here, but mostly these pics will be of sights regularly unseen on the average visit.

The National City Christian Church with the Luther Place Memorial Church in the background.  DC is full of great old churches. 
Case in point, this shot was taken from the Reagan National Airport Metro platform.  The National Cathedral dominates the horizon, yet it is actually almost 8 miles away!!!   (Here's more photos from the National Cathedral,
Control Tower at Reagan.  These guys have gotten me safely home many times!
You can stand on the Metro platform and get a great view of planes landing.
Smithsonian Castle.  One of the oldest structures on the Mall.

Looking East on Constitution from 14th.  EPA, IRS and DOJ in the distance.

On 13th NW between K and L is the DC Firehouse, home of Engine 16. 
I've put up some shots of these call boxes in the past, but I've never seen one in this condition.  These were what the police and firemen used to call their respective stations years ago before radios.  There are still remnants all throughout the city.
AKA, Midnight Express. 
She was organizing the dirt and leaves around the trees along the sidewalk.
Well, it IS DC.......
St. Johns Episcopal Church across from Lafayette Square and the White House.
OK, I couldn't help it, there are a couple touristy shots in here!!!

Dwight D. Eisenhower Executive Office Building from Pennsylvania Ave.
One of four Fleur de lis topiaries in the Enid A. Haupt Garden, East of the Smithsonian Castle.
Looking across the train tracks near L'Enfant Plaza towards the Capitol Dome. 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

A White House Prepares for Inauguration

After I voted the other day, I decided to go see how life was coming along at The White House.  The first thing I noticed was that the entire area was full of construction equipment and teams getting ready for the inauguration.  Although protesters had been relocated and school children had to take their group photos through construction fences, life pretty much went on as normal, just around the crews, trucks and equipment.    

While I was getting the shots of the flags above, I heard a nearby commotion. This fine citizen was complaining loudly to the Secret Service Police that President Obama had done obscene things to his grandmother. To their credit, the officers stood there until he shuffled away, never once responding in kind. Seems their job is a lot more similar to mine than I had ever thought!

Eisenhower Executive Office Building, overlooking the West Wing.
Barricades for the inaugural parade.
Rare instance of no crowds on Pennsylvania Ave.
Any guesses?
Workers put up barricades in Lafayette Square. The Jackson Statue is in the background.

North Lawn & Fountain.

One sight you'll never fail to see is the "I was at the White House" photo!!! On this day, there were several examples. A couple are below.....

The last thing I did before I left Pennsylvania Ave. was take in a street hockey game.