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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Masonic Cemetery at Virginia Cities Silver Terrace Cemeteries - Reno/Sparks NV, and Surrounding Area, Part VIII

This is part VIII of my series of photo blogs detailing my recent trip to the Reno/Sparks area. 

These shots were all taken the afternoon of August 3 at the Masonic Cemetery at the Silver Terrace Cemeteries in Virginia City.  The Masonic cemetery dates back to the 1800's.  I could have spent several hours exploring and shooting pictures.  As you stand in this cemetery, you will notice at least 10 other old cemeteries on the nearby hills.  Seems a lot of people died in the area during the gold/silver rush.

Cemeteries make great subjects for photos and I couldn't pass up the chance to shoot a real Old West cemetery!  (For more background info on the Silver Terrace Cemeteries, go here:

Virginia City.
Many of the headstones are missing or damaged.  I think it adds to the uniqueness of the cemetery. 

These were the strongest smelling pine cones I've ever smelled!  You can see the caramelized sap in the picture.

Look closely and you will notice an old silver mine in the background.  Some of these mines were right up against the main town. 
Wooden grave marker.

I was amazed to discover they used wood for headstones and even more amazed that some of them were still there!!

This ended up being one of my favorite shots from the entire trip.