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Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Washington Monument Gets A 165th Birthday Facelift!

If you have visited Washington DC in the last several months, you've no doubt noticed the Washington Monument slowly being transformed into something resembling the old Erector sets from years ago. 

The monument was damaged in an August 2011 earthquake and has been closed and awaiting repairs since then.  Several months ago, scaffolding began to slowly creep up the sides until finally capped off at the top.  Now, repairs are underway with tours expected to resume next spring.    
16th St. facing South toward the White House with the Washington Monument in the background.
First Division Monument watches the construction.
The monument is 169 meters tall and had it's first stone placed July 4, 1848. It was completed  in 1884. 
Exact opposite direction from the previous White house shot, facing North from the base of the Monument.
What looks like duct tape from far away appears to actually be some sort of netting at the scaffolding joints.

Here's a news article telling more about the repairs including the staggering cost (of which you and I only have to pay half, so there's that.....)

I don't think I want to climb the ladder the workmen have to go up each day!
Trying out one of the lenses on the Hipstamatic app on the i-phone.