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Monday, June 4, 2012

Vegas Part II-- Hoover Dam

This is Part II from our recent Vegas trip.  I wanted to keep the "non-gambling" part separate from the "gambling-part", although we didn't actually gamble at all!  We did find our way through just about every casino on the strip though!  

We took a charter bus to the dam which seems to be the way to go now-a-days.  We didn't have to rent a car, pay for gas or pay for parking, plus we got a nice narrated tour there and back which turned out to be much more fascinating than I thought it would be! 

If you have never been to the dam or on the tour, I highly recommend it.  The cost of the whole package, bus ride from Las Vegas,  narrated tour there and back, and dam tour (which included going down inside the tunnels and to the power-plant) was less than $40.  There are other packages with more stuff, but we didn't have all that long. 

Looking across toward the Arizona side.
This is looking down at where the water exits the power-plant below the dam.
Canyon below the dam.
This is the new Pat Tillman bridge.  If you don't know who Pat Tillman was, you should look him up.  He was a real American Hero.  He gave up a lucrative career in the NFL to fight for our country and lost his life over that decision.  
I took this October 3, 2011, at the Arizona Cardinals Stadium.  Pat Tillman left the Cardinals to fight and die in Afghanistan.   He is one of a very short list of professional athletes to do this. 
The complex method of capturing runoff water in the tunnels below the dam!!! 
This power-plant powers parts of Nevada, Arizona, California and several other states.  The power generated by the dam is secondary to the actual purpose which was water. 
The recently completed Pat Tillman Bridge.
The dam was originally called Boulder  Dam and was later re-named for President Hoover. 
Yes, these signs are there and no, there is no barricade!!  It is possible to climb right over and slide down if one were so inclined.  It is NOT possible to slow this slide upon reaching the bottom, although it IS guaranteed this slide will stop quickly, if you know what I mean!!!!!
Lake Mead.  The white area shows past water levels.
The state line is right in the middle of the dam which, for now, people can still access.
Can you believe they built it in 4 years?  Think of all the construction projects in your area which have been going on that long....
The last two pictures below are from a large mural on the ground near a memorial to all those who lost their lives in the building of the dam-- and NO, there are no bodies in the dam.  They only laid six inches of concrete at a time and anyone falling into that concrete could easily be rescued.  Besides, leaving rotting bodies in the concrete would weaken the dam...

I hope you enjoyed this short tour of Hoover/Boulder Dam!!!!!!