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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Burning Man Meets the Nada Dada Motel Art Exhbit

Had the opportunity to take in part of the Nada Dada Art Exhibit in Reno this weekend. We hit several sites including the famous Morris Burner Hotel. 

NadaDada is an artist-run art show held in various locations around town- in motel rooms! 
You can get more info at:

Below are some of my shots of the art on display at the MB, as well as some of the more interesting artistic aspects of the old hotel- some with my own artistic touches added.   
In the lobby of the MB.
The Morris Burner Hostel in their own words is a tired old hotel in downtown Reno which has been converted into a community art space, entertainment venue, burner hotel and hostel, and place where Burners can congregate, talk, and enjoy each others company whenever they wish.

The hotel is described as a "Large-scale art project that you would see on the playa, except we all get to enjoy it for years to come."

A positive vibe is prevalent throughout....

Mallory was more than willing to discuss her works and was one of the many interesting residents on site!
Learn more about her and her work here:

MB Info can be found here.
If you get the opportunity to visit the MB, I highly recommend it! 

On your way out, take your key and check out what the NY Times had to say about Nada Dada: