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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Last Few Shots - Reno/Sparks NV, and Surrounding Area, Part X

This is part X of my series of photo blogs detailing my recent trip to the Reno/Sparks area.  These shots were all taken August 1-4 in the Reno/Sparks area.  They didn't really fit in any of the previous blogs and make up the last of the pictures from the trip.

This is the former Fitzgerald's Casino where my Grandmother used to work.  Now it's called Comm Row and  has climbing walls on the outside.  Oh, and that's the Reno Arch in the foreground.

This was the view from our window at the Nugget.
Flowers in my Mom's backyard.

Lockwood area East of Sparks.
Lockwood area.
These dudes were all over!
In case you REALLY got to go!!!!!!
Another of my favorites from the trip.

EXTRA heavy-duty flag poles!!!!!
Sunset in the Sky Ranch area reflecting off the smoke of a nearby forest fire.
This completes my "Reno/Sparks NV, and Surrounding Area" series.  I hope you've enjoyed the shots or at least found something that perked your interest in the area.  Thanks for looking!!