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Saturday, June 27, 2015

NYC Quick-20 In Black & White

We recently spent a few days in New York City.   These 20 shots- stripped to black & white- provide just a small snapshot of some of the high-points as well as the low-points of what we saw in the City. 
(If you click on one of the pics, they should open in an easier to navigate viewer.) 


Thanks for looking, Let me know what you think.....

Saturday, March 24, 2012

NY Photos 2 of 3-- New York Sights and Scenes...

I tried to capture the feel of New York with these photos.  We spent two days from morning til dark touring all over the city and I think I captured a little of everything.  I won't try to put all of the pics here but here is a sampling of what we saw.  Pics of the World Trade Center and related memorials will be in a separate post. Let me know what you think...

 Billie and Bill in Times Square.

Regal Theater on 42nd St. where movie tickets are only $15 and popcorn is a bargain at $7.00!!

 The top of the Empire State Building.

This was a commercial being filmed on 9th Avenue.

Newer buildings incorporate water towers into their architecture while many older buildings still have these wooden water towers.  Water in NYC is a combination of several sources which supposedly gives it a unique taste.  Tasted exactly like water to me...
This is the window of a head shop in Soho.

  This restaurant Sullivan St. in Soho blew me away!  Florencia 13 is a Sureno gang in Southern California which falls directly under the Mexican Mafia.  Just by using this name, the owners are announcing it is gang related.

The architecture all around NYC is amazing!

So is the graffiti...

Hotels were SOOOO expensive at this intersection!!!!!

This observation post overlooks the site where the Occupy Protesters have been recently.

 And STAY OUT!!!

Was Brian here?

Luke, I AM your father!

Gas light in City Hall Park.

Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall Subway station.

The Wall St. bull in the Plaza at Bowling Green facing North on Broadway.

That's what I said!!!!

Seems like a pretty simple solution to this issue.  This was a quote by activist Julian Bond in a 2007 speech at the Martin Luther King Day Celebration at Clayton State University in Georgia.  Now it's a billboard in NYC.

This scene seems to tell a story but we'll never know...

Dog walkers make from $10 to $45 an hour depending on their training.  What training you ask?  Doggy CPR and massages!!!

Seems this is a sign.

Trash is frequently left on the side of the street in this fashion for pick-up.

We saw one or two pigeons.

This is the new home of the 'Soup Nazi' from Seinfeld.

3 floors above Elmo, there was a Big Bird sticker in the window.

This is the front entrance to The Dakota.  Through the doorway to the right is where Mark David Chapman shot John Lennon in 1980.  Yoko Ono still lives in the building.

Grants Tomb on Riverside Drive  Who is buried here?

Harlems M&G Diner on 125th.  The diner is gone but the sign remains.

The Apollo Theater on 125th. in Harlem.

I really liked how this shot just fades away.

The old brownstones were built in this style because horses were the main form of transportation and people wanted their porches and entrances to their homes to be above the smell.

This is at the entrance to Central Park across from The Dakota.

This area in Central Park is a memorial to John Lennon which was dedicated in 1985.

This mural was in the center of the path and everyone walked around it.

Got to throw a squirrel shot in here!

This and the next several pics were taken while walking through Central Park on the first day of Spring.

OK, two squirrel shots...

Roots coming up through the bricks on 5th Avenue.

I swear I didn't put these two photos together like this!!!

War protest in Times Square.

Even the police use neon signs in Times Square.

The Chrysler building.

Now I've seen Occupy DC and Occupy Wall Street.

Entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel in New Jersey.

Where 42nd St. meets the Hudson.  New Jersey in the background.

New Jersey.
Brooklyn Bridge.  Completed in 1883 and for several years was the oldest longest bridge in the world.
Manhattan from the boat.

Old pier pilings on the Brooklyn side.

My parents and some statue.

The Statue of Liberty.  The most photographed woman in the world.

Ellis island where countless immigrants were funneled into the US; many just to find the same poverty and strife they thought they had left behind.
Near the Financial District looking out over the Hudson.

The Statue of Liberty is just visible through the morning fog.

Museum of Jewish Heritage.
Statue at the Ellis Island Ferry area in Battery Park.  Oh, and the requisite pigeon...

Ellis Island as seen from Battery Park.

Th Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan.
Confucius statue in Chinatown.

Chinatown from the highway to the Manhattan Bridge.

Chinatown from the highway the Manhattan Bridge.
NYC Skyline from the Manhattan Bridge.
Parking all over town is a premium.  They rotate these cars throughout the day to try to have your car back to the bottom by the time you say you will be there.

Spring in Brooklyn.
NYC skyline.  WTC Tower #1 is to the right.  It will be about 35 floors taller by next year.
Uh, the sun.....

Train tracks in Brooklyn.

The first radio tower to be used by the 911 system on the East coast.

Outside a Brooklyn school.

More water towers on the highway leading back to the Manhattan Bridge leaving Brooklyn.

Williamsburg Bridge as seen from the Manhattan Bridge.
Bill & Billie on the Manhattan Bridge with the Brooklyn Bridge and lower Manhattan in the background.

Manhattan Bridge .

Chinatown from above.


Manhattan Bridge.

NY Stock Exchange on Wall St.
Neck Face?  Not my first choice of graffiti when I'm out tagging, but always a close second...

Bellevue Psychiatric Hospital.  Built in 1736.  Now it's a homeless shelter.

Long Island across the East River from the United Nations.

The UN on a sunny day.

The UN.

Trump World Tower.

German Consulate in United Nations Plaza.

30 Rockafeller Center on West 49th Street.

Today Show studios.
The ice rink and plaza outside NBA and the Today Show studios.
Old NBC camera.

 Old NBC radio microphones.

Times Square.  Buildings here have to be at least 18% covered by ads.  Some of the ads bring in $350,000 plus electricity cost per month!

We ended our tour of Times Square with a trip to the Disney Store!