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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Blur

I don't typically add a lot of effects to my photos, usually only lightening some shadows or darkening them up a bit.  One thing I have started experimenting with is adding some blur to the scene- either at the time of the photo, or, as is the case with a couple of the photos below, by editing them later. 

I think blurring the subject, the foreground or the background can add a nice element to a photo.  It can direct the eye to a particular portion of the photo, or it can let the viewers' mind fill in the blanks as to what is not fully visible.  Sometimes, it can give a photo a dreamy quality.  

Here are a couple practice shots.....

This photo was created by  taking a quick shot with no focusing.
Foreground and background blur created by focusing on the flowers in the center.  
Focusing on the Washington Monument allowed the lady in the foreground to blur. 
Just a focus blur.
Another shot created by turning off the auto focus and tweaking the manual focus just a bit.
This was created through editing in picasa.  
Natural blur by focusing on the asphalt in the foreground.
Picasa edit.
This one is a picasa edit also.

As I learn more about photography, I'll keep experimenting with this stuff...