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Friday, November 2, 2012

What you DON'T know about Milwaukee, Wisconsin!

I recently spent a couple days in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area.  I had never been there and didn't really know what to expect.  The area I was in (Cudahy, which is South of downtown) didn't seem much different from other places I had been around the country and  once I got away from the airport, had a nice, small-town feel. I thought I would put some shots from the area showing the non-Harley part of the city, Lake Michigan and the presence of California gangs in the area!  

I walked down Layton from my hotel to Lake Michigan.  Didn't know how far it was going to be.  Incidentally, it ended up being an 8 mile round trip!!!!

Yep, THAT'S the name.........
I passed several small bars and pubs.
Don't see this everyday, beer just hanging out on the sidewalk with nobody around!
This is indicative of most of the architecture in the area.

This was a long 4 miles to Lake Michigan!
Couch anyone?
Path down to the lake.
Lake Michigan (click on this shot to maximize it for the full effect.)
The biggest surprise of my trip was finding this graffiti on the concrete piers on the lake.  "NS X4" indicates the presence of Northern California gang members in the area.  Depending on the gang member, it likely means "Norteno/North Side 14" or "Northern Structure 14."   The next day, I found out the local police didn't know about this graffiti or the presence of these gang members in the area. 

More Norteno Graffiti.

"SUR BK" = Sureno Blood Killer.  

All in all, a nice couple hours walking around in the Milwaukee area.