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Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Morsi Fan Club Meets At The White House, NOT...............

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know there have been some issues in the Middle East over the last several years.  The current hotspot seems to be shifting from Syria, back to Egypt where it was a year or so ago.  I'm not here to comment one way or another on the politics of the issue, I think it's awesome that people in this country are allowed to stand outside the Presidents House and protest for or against whatever they passionately believe in.  I've seen several protests there over the last few years, including one in which both sides of the Syrian issue squared off across Pennsylvania Ave., while Park Police stood in between. 

In this instance, it was Anti-Morsi protesters espousing their views.  Following are several shots of the peaceful demonstration which looked a lot like the one I watched on the news last night, but in that instance it was taking place in Egypt, and wasn't so peaceful.  I'll just let the pictures speak from here on out........

I've said it before, no matter what your beliefs, at least in the USA, you are allowed to talk about them, hopefully in a respectful manner- and hopefully those around you will respond with the same respect while listening to you.