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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Quality Time on the El Paso/Juarez Border

Spent a little time in El Paso this week and took the opportunity to travel along the border fence to see what we could see.  Luckily, we must not have set off any alarms or drawn TOO much attention (more on that in a minute) because we made it home!!!

We decided to see how far we could get before having to turn around.  Seems we could get pretty far!!!
About this far....
South El Paso Street into Juarez.
Wonder who they are trying to keep out/in?????
Several of you know EXACTLY why the Hecho En Mexico pic is on here...
Coincidence that this is the address of the Hecho En Mexico mural??????
These cats were all over the place.......
So this is the border fence we've been hearing about them building.  It's not continuous as you'll see in a minute.
Not that we were out in the desert along the border or anything.....
This was from when we accidentally went into New Mexico.

More of those white and green trucks.....
I have no idea how I did this on this pic.  I like the effect though.......
We opted not to climb this......
Looking across the old fence into Juarez. 
Wildflowers along the border.
Little history of the area.  

Glad they told us because we ALMOST decided to swim the Rio Bravo River.
Life along the border.
You can't see it in the pic, but we apparently drew some Juarez attention as there were a couple guys up on the roof of the highest building in this pic who were watching us pretty intently. 
Border cameras were probably watching our every move.