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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Coronado Island -31 Hours in San Diego Part IV

Hotel del Coronado, built in 1888, and on the list of National landmarks. 
After visiting Ocean Beach, Sunset Cliffs Beach and Fort Rosecreans, I stopped at Adalbertos Mexican Food at 23rd & Market in Sherman Heights.  A local cop took me there a few months back when I was in town and it quickly became my favorite Mexican food in town.  

Housed in an old Cali-style Taco Bell, Adalbertos is some of the  best Mexican food you'll find.  Looks like they have one in Sacramento too.
After lunch, it was on to Coronado Island which is the home of one of my favorite beaches,  Coronado Beach and the Hotel del Coronado which, I assume, does not have Government rates so is not an option for me when I travel there!!!  

It was awesome to walk in the surf!  Times like this, I really miss Cali.....
Now, I didn't take this picture, you know, because I don't have a plane and I still can't fly (Tried once but it REALLY hurt jumping off that roof!)  I saw these sand dunes and mounds from the ground, but I had no idea they spelled out the name of the beach!  The Hotel del Coronado is to the left of the pic.  These shots were taken along the beach at the top of the pic.
Looking NW toward Point Loma.  Sunset Cliffs Beach and Ocean Beach were just around that point.

Footprints in the sand.

What a great day at the beach!!!!!!!!!!