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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Colonial Beach on the Potomac

We recently spent an afternoon at Colonial Beach on the Potomac. Here are a couple beach pics and some from the surrounding area, AND a hot chick!!

Colonial Beach is located on the Potomac in Virginia's Northern neck. The resort town maintains a small-town feel and has several sandy beaches and marinas. The area is full of history with the birthplaces of both George Washington and James Monroe nearby.
My favorite subject with a rare smile for the camera!

Smile Fido......
Osprey, the "Sea Eagle". 


Looks refreshing except it's the Potomac and that water is NASTY!!!!!
I wonder what he's saying?  I wonder what that orange thing is?
Wonder no more!!!!!
Classic ride!!!!!!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Colonial Beach, VA.

Colonial Beach, Virginia, is a small, Chesapeake Bay town of several thousand that saw its heyday come and go several years ago.  Now it seems more of a home to dilapidated piers, bedroom communities for Dahlgren Naval Base staff and ospreys.  It's not to far from our house and is just the type of place I love to photograph!  Additionally, it’s breeding season and we saw several large nests with juvenile ospreys and nervous parents watching the weird guy with the camera taking pictures!

As we made our was to Colonial Beach, Anais spotted our first Osprey of the day with material for a nest.

 I think old barns make great photographs. 

 Potomac Beach which is right next to Colonial Beach on the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia.

Juvenile Osprey near the nest.

Pilings from an old pier that likely once held a casino.  The low tide line is the Maryland State line and years ago, this area was lined with casinos as gambling was legal in Maryland but not Virginia.  Several hurricanes took care of the casinos though!

 Juvenile Osprey near the nest.

More old boardwalk pilings.

 I'm always looking for old signs like this.  I like the way they take you back to a time gone by...