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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Lorton Prison through the Hipstamatic Camera

Tower overlooking the SHU rec yard.
I've done some shoots at several of the old Lorton prisons before, but not using the Hipstamatic camera app.  These shots were all taken with various lenses and films of the app, and I tried to stick with mostly a grainy and black & white look throughout.  No bright colors and no funky effects.   I've got some older Lorton shots I plan to put up some day too.

Housing units reflected in the chow hall windows.

Reflections across the compound.

The housing units are now art galleries, multi-purpose rooms and class rooms.

Outside the kitchen.

There are several murals still present on the buildings. 

This was taken through the hole where the lock used to be.  The gymnasium seems to be a storage room now.  Basketball hoops and nets are visible at the top and across on the back wall.
North western side of the gym.
Down the stairs toward the lower gym.
One of the housing units looking out onto the main compound.

Friday, July 12, 2013

A Summer Motorcycle Ride Through Rural Virginia and the Death of Stonewall Jackson

A nice day just screams for a bike ride, and of course I took a camera.....

Fairfield Plantation.  The chimney on the left is the fireplace in the room where, on May 10, 1863, Stonewall Jackson succumbed to injuries received 8 days earlier at Chancellorsville, VA. 

I'm always fascinated by the old Astra Motel on Jefferson Davis Highway, south of Massaponax.  This old station wagon has been sitting out front as long as I can remember.