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Saturday, December 15, 2012

A White House Prepares for Inauguration

After I voted the other day, I decided to go see how life was coming along at The White House.  The first thing I noticed was that the entire area was full of construction equipment and teams getting ready for the inauguration.  Although protesters had been relocated and school children had to take their group photos through construction fences, life pretty much went on as normal, just around the crews, trucks and equipment.    

While I was getting the shots of the flags above, I heard a nearby commotion. This fine citizen was complaining loudly to the Secret Service Police that President Obama had done obscene things to his grandmother. To their credit, the officers stood there until he shuffled away, never once responding in kind. Seems their job is a lot more similar to mine than I had ever thought!

Eisenhower Executive Office Building, overlooking the West Wing.
Barricades for the inaugural parade.
Rare instance of no crowds on Pennsylvania Ave.
Any guesses?
Workers put up barricades in Lafayette Square. The Jackson Statue is in the background.

North Lawn & Fountain.

One sight you'll never fail to see is the "I was at the White House" photo!!! On this day, there were several examples. A couple are below.....

The last thing I did before I left Pennsylvania Ave. was take in a street hockey game.