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Sunday, July 1, 2012

White Supremacists at the Beach in Virginia

During a recent trip to a local beach, I captured these two guys in larger beach shots.  Zooming in on them during processing of the pics, their affiliation and likely prison past became clear. 

 What was interesting is that the beach was populated by a lot of children and people of all different ethnicities; and apparently this display of ink didn't cause any issues. 

This is a cropped-down portion of a larger beach scene.  
Zooming in on the shot even more shows a red swastika and a WAR tattoo.  WAR is the acronym used by the White Aryan Resistance, a Neo-Nazi group founded by KKK Grand Wizard Tom Metzger.

The patch below is currently for sale on a well known auction website.

This one was with the other one.  A spider web is visible on his left elbow.  Although  this means something different to each wearer, it is a common prison tattoo.