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Friday, June 22, 2012

A Tempe, Arizona Interlude.......

I spent a couple days in Tempe, Arizona recently.  I like to put up photos of various areas up showing scenes that will provide an alternate view of an area than what is typically seen.  Some of the pics below will do just that, while some are of the standard cactus and desert scenes.

The origin of Tempe, Arizona is tied to the establishment of Fort McDowell on the eastern edge of central Arizona’s Salt River Valley in 1865. The town was named Tempe in 1879, after the Vale of Tempe in ancient Greece.

After World War II, the city began growing at a rapid rate as veterans and others moved to the city. In 1958, a local school was re-named Arizona State University. 

Tempe is now recognized as the seventh largest city in Arizona and mostly maintains a small-town feel. 

This safe is at least six feet wide.  It's in the old Hayden Mill on Mill St. 
Sign near the old elevator in the mill. 
Flour Mill.
Remnants of the old flour mill. 

I feel bad for sights like this because most people wont see a photo worth taking in looking at it.  For some reason, I was drawn to the  contrast between the rock formation and the power poles/lines. 
I've always been fascinated by stratum.  Hundreds, thousands or millions of years ago,  parts of this may have  been the top layer with dinosaurs, aliens, ferrets or bigfoots walking on it!!!
If you look close, there's a camo squirrel in this pic.

This hill is right nest to the ASU Stadium.
He taught he taw a puddy tat!!!!!!
Don't taze me dude!!!!!!!

Graffiti on the butte above my hotel.