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Sunday, September 23, 2012

A First Day of Fall Walk Around DC's Tidal Basin

These shots are from a walk around DC's Tidal Basin yesterday.  Even though it was officially the first day of fall, we couldn't have asked for better weather for an afternoon outside!
I took a picture of this tree full of cherry blossoms several months ago.  I hope to get it in the fall and with snow all around if possible too.
Even National Monuments aren't immune from "visitors"......
Helicopters frequently are seen flying overhead.
Thomas Jefferson Memorial.
Sun shining on the Washington Monument as it dwarfs the Old Post Office (Soon to be the new Trump hotel in DC).
Jefferson Memorial from the Ohio Drive Bridge.
This guy was patiently fishing near the Ohio Drive Bridge.  More on him later......
I don't know much about the Ohio Drive Bridge, just that one end was built in 1908 and the other in 1909.  What I REALLY don't know is who the heck commissioned not one, but TWO of these scary busts!!!!!!  
Jefferson Memorial.
"What guys?  We don't see anything?"
"Oooohhhhh, that big tall pencil-looking thingy!" 
Back to this dude.  He finally got his fish, then took 10 minutes to eat it...
This fellow let me get right up next to him for several shots!
I've been to the FDR Memorial before but this time I began to realize the scope of his influence on the country.  He was  actually elected to 4 terms, although he died during the 4th. 
There were several busses full of WWII vets visiting the area as part of the Honor Flight.  We've seen this  group before and they are impressive for what they do for our vets.
FDR quote, "I've seen war.  I hate war."
The Downtrodden.....
Now I know how to say this in brail.  Figured I'd take a picture since they call me Mr. Patience......
Sun rays over the Potomac to see us on our way home.