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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Jose and His Galena Creek Bridge - Reno/Sparks NV, and Surrounding Area, Part VI

This is part VI of my series of photo blogs detailing my recent trip to the Reno/Sparks area. 

These shots were all taken the afternoon of August 1 in the Plesant Valley area, south of Reno.  North of Washoe Lake (Washoe Valley to Mount Rose Highway), I-580 is almost completed along the western hillsides of Pleasant Valley.  The new freeway will include seven bridges between Reno and Washoe Valley, including the Galena Creek Bridge. This 1,725-foot Bridge with a 689-foot span over Galena Creek is reportedly the largest cathedral arch bridge in the world. 

Slide Mountain Ski Resort can be seen above the bridge.
Meet Jose.  While we were at a school below the bridge taking pictures, Jose came across the playground where he was working to say 'Hello'.  He saw I was shooting the bridge and got really animated, telling me he had been on the unopened span.  He explained that a couple days before our visit, NDOT had opened the span for pedestrians to cross and view with no vehicles present.   Jose was proud of the fact he had been one of the people to have taken advantage of this opportunity, figuring he would never get this chance again.  He noted that he not only went across the bridge, but he did it on roller skates!  He was only too happy to pose for a photo in front of 'his' bridge!

As always, clicking on the photos will bring up larger, higher quality versions.